Quest for Love

The Quest for Love is a nation-wide search for Loving Organizations seeking to transform marginalized communities into viable localised economic zones, such as successful resource-based agro-forestry, fisheries, or eco-tourism sites and the like. Through the Quest, the Investments in Loving Organizations for Village Economies (ILOVE) Foundation and its partners will provide financial and technical support to eight (8) deserving organizations, with the hopes of promoting wide-spread social and environmental development.

The top eight loving organizations will be the subject of G DIARIES Season 3: The Quest for LOVE where the viewers will witness the development and transformation of the chosen communities.

G DIARIES Season 3: The Quest for LOVE

Every Sunday

Who Can Join?

The Quest is open to social enterprises, cooperatives, people’s associations, foundations, NGOs, and other socially-oriented organizations:

  1. That are duly registered with any of the pertinent agencies (e.g. SEC, DTI, CDA, DWSD, etc.) and in existence for at least two (2) years.
  2. Led by a Filipino citizen with a genuine love for nation and a strong passion to uplift Filipino communities.
  3. Registered with the BIR, with accompanying TIN.
  4. In possession of financial statements for at least 2 years.
  5. That have an on-going intervention program for a specific community and/or have completed at least two successful community development programs in the past.
  6. That have a management team and implementing team of community organizers;
  7. With the commitment to work with the partner community for at least the next three (3) years.

Program Highlights

1. Initial Screening of Applications

From the total number of applications, 16 candidates shall be chosen based on the track record of the organizations and its leaders, and the potential impact of the proposed intervention on the partner community.

2. Area Development Bootcamp

The 16 candidates shall be invited to participate in a 3-day training focused on area development. Topics to be discussed include holistic area planning, social and environmental impact measurement, and tapping into government assistance and programs for development. At the end of the boot camp, candidates shall pitch their preliminary area development plans to a panel of judges.

3. Community Visits

ILOVE’s team of enterprise and social assessors shall visit each of the 16 candidate organizations and their respective communities. The purpose is to document the organization’s past and present initiatives, as well as to verify all claims made by the candidate during the pitching.

4. Selection of Top 8

Based on the pitches and due diligence, the panel of judges shall choose 8 organizations deserving of ILOVE’s support. The selection shall be based on a specific criteria, such as the potential impact of the organization’s program on the local community and environment, the community’s level of involvement in the program, and enterprise competitiveness and sustainability.

5. ILove Mentoring and Support Program

The Top 8 organizations shall each receive PHP 100,000 cash plus direct access to government support. They shall also receive one-on-one guidance from ILOVE’s pool of mentors, as well as direct support in the form of an enterprise development officer to be attached to each organization. The mentoring and support program shall last for 8 months, during which time the loving organizations are expected to work towards specific enterprise, social and environmental objectives.

6. Nationwide TV Exposure via GDiaries

At the end of the Quest for Love program, the Top 8 loving organizations will get nationwide TV exposure through Gina’s show on ABS-CBN called GDiaries.

Our Loving Organizations

Here are examples of our Loving Organizations

Bantay Kalikasan

For decades, Bantay Kalikasan lives up to its name as the Nature Watch, as it provides relief operations and rehabilitation programs for the environment. Who would forget the reforestation of the 2,700-hectare La Mesa Watershed Area? It became a catalyst in making the public adopt more trees. A few more of the noteworthy projects that Bantay Kalikasan has given birth to are Bantay Kalikasan Patrol, Bantay Basura, Bantay Usok, La Mesa Eco-Park, BK Environmental Hotline, Bantay Baterya. The program believes that a community rooted in the love for nature makes it a champion for true sustainable livelihood.

FairTrade Cebu

To complete the whole value chain formation along the Fair Trade way, SPFTC develops channels and markets of small farmer-producers, associations, shops, cooperatives, advocates, and consumers. The rehabilitation of the Yolanda-hit Kinatarcan is a proof that SPFTC, together with nine (9) Non-Government Organizations, can initiate and implement sustainable solutions for the community. Moreover, they contribute to capacity-building for every single member of the community by creating avenues to think their dreams out loud. The ideas were created by them and for them–a grassroots-level-and-up kind of vision with a strong base.