AGAP Bulusan

Aggrupation of Advocates for Environmental Protection (AGAP) Bulusan, Incorporated – Bulusan, Sorsogon

200 members of AGAP Bulusan

Mountain Tourism-waterfalls, glamping, trails
Ecotourism – Bulusan Lake

Project Proposal: To implement eco-tourism projects such as Trekking in Mt. Bulusan, Bulusan Marine Sanctuary and Beach Park and a Bulusan Lake Floating Wellness and Multi-purpose Center.

The Bulusan Volcano National Park is home to three mountain peaks (one of which is the active Mt Bulusan), two lakes, and endemic species of flora and fauna (found only there). It is 3,673 hectares of rain forest area that is protected by NIPAS, or the National Integrated Protected Areas System of the DENR.

The loving organization that we’re working with, AGAP Bulusan, has been around since there were mining operations done in the area by the notorious Lafayette Philippines, which sadly caused cyanide to seep into the water, and adversely affect the ecosystem and agricultural and fishing livelihoods. Many lives were affected and many farmers and fishermen had to resort to more detrimental activities such as kaingin (slash and burn) farming and poaching to feed their families. But since AGAP Bulusan’s (Aggrupation of Advocates for Environmental Protection) interventions, it has led to enormous changes in lifestyle, outlook, environmental knowledge and understanding, and many more, with previous poachers being trained as ecotourism guides.

Continue to support this great endeavour of AGAP Bulusan to keep the sustainability of Bulusan Park going!

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